Atlanta Falcons should consider drafting this underrated quarterback

North Alabama v Florida State
North Alabama v Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

If there was ever a player whose draft stock deserves to rise on how his team played without him it is Jordan Travis. With Travis, Florida State would have been in the playoffs and a threat to win a round. Without him the offense was completely lost and the committee opted to leave the team out of the playoffs based on just how big of a drop-off there was without their star quarterback.

As an NFL prospect, Jordan Travis is exactly what the Atlanta Falcons should be looking for. A project quarterback that is getting overlooked just a bit. While Bo Nix and J.J. McCarthy are being overvalued based on their college results the opposite is true for Travis.

The problem for Jordan is he is a bit undersized and doesn't have a cannon. However, we have seen undersized quarterbacks have success and Jordan can make all the needed NFL throws.

There is also Jordan's ability as a rusher and his great feel in the pocket. He can keep plays alive and is a pass-first player who isn't afraid to use his legs when there is no other choice. Bring in Travis and allow him two years to sit behind Kirk Cousins and see what he can develop into.

Fixing Jordan's pre-snap reads and allowing him time to get healthy after an awful season-ending leg injury in 2023 are both benefits to adding him behind Kirk Cousins. Cousins has a four-year deal but could be moved on from after the first two seasons if the Falcons find an upgrade or a cheaper long-term option.

Atlanta's lack of urgency allows them to approach the position taking a player like Jordan Travis and seeing how he develops at the next level. Regardless of whether it is Travis or another surprise name expect Terry Fontenot and the Falcons to add to the position.