Atlanta Falcons should have zero interest in trading Patterson

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

There have been continued suggestions that the Atlanta Falcons should be or are considering trading veteran Cordarrelle Patterson. These suggestions and rumors are nothing more than that ignoring Atlanta's roster needs and the role that Patterson is expected to fill.

With Avery Williams now likely done for the season it is even more important to have Patterson as a kick return option and as the third running back. Add in Patterson's experience as a receiver and Atlanta's thin depth chart at the position and if anything the veteran should expect to have a larger role.

Patterson isn't a player that Atlanta has any reason to consider trading. The idea that Atlanta would move on from the veteran is simply a byproduct of searching for stories and glancing at Atlanta's depth chart at running back not bothering to consider Arthur Smith's system or the myriad of roles Patterson will fill.

For those actually watching the Falcons closely there is an awareness that any rumors circulating around Patterson are just that. The utility player is far too valuable to Atlanta both on and off the field to consider parting ways.

This is the same veteran that had a career year in 2021 and appeared to take a discount to remain with Atlanta making it known this is where the veteran wanted to be. Whether it is the way he handled contract negotiations, consistent interactions with fans, or most importantly elite production on the field Patterson is a huge part of what Arthur Smith has built for the 2023 Atlanta offense.

Trade suggestions are ignoring what Atlanta has built and the direction the team is clearly heading. Fontenot and Smith are far too sharp to consider trading a player that often was the Atlanta offense in the 2021 season. Add in the fact that Patterson will likely be counted on at receiver far more often in 2023 and there is no reasonable conclusion that has Patterson leaving Atlanta.