Atlanta Falcons sign former New York Yankees prospect to compete at quarterback

Frisco Bowl - Boise State v North Texas
Frisco Bowl - Boise State v North Texas / Emil Lippe/GettyImages

One of the more interesting moves the Atlanta Falcons made on after the draft was bringing in quarterback Austin Aune. Aune is a former Yankees prospect and spent six years in the farm system before attempting to make it as a quarterback.

Playing with North Texas Austin gave reason to wonder if the quarterback had picked the wrong sport passing for 3,547 yards and 33 touchdowns. Aune had 406 rushing yards during his time at North Texas as a starter and joins the Atlanta Falcons as an interesting practice squad option.

Atlanta's first two quarterbacks are clearly locked in with Desmond Ridder as the starter and Taylor Heinicke as the second option. After these two things become less clear with veteran Logan Woodside and Feleipe Franks the only other two options at the position before Atlanta added Aune.

Despite already being nearly thirty the rookie quarterback is an interesting option for a team that clearly could benefit from a solid second option. Aune should be given time in camp to compete with Woodside and Franks not for a roster spot but to be the third emergency option behind Ridder and Heinicke.

The path will be difficult considering Logan's experience at the position and Arthur Smith's odd decision to consistently put Franks on the roster. However, watching Aune and considering the potential the undrafted rookie is a player to keep an eye on early in camp for the Falcons.

Evidenced by Alford and Jared Bernhardt last season we know Atlanta will allow players to win roster spots even if they start out as fringe options.

Aune is a very long shot to stick around in the league considering both his age and the clear turnover issues in his college career. However, the talent and possible fit as a depth option in Arthur Smith's system make this a noteworthy move and make Aune a player to keep an eye on early on for Atlanta.