Atlanta Falcons star back given fitting ranking in top 25 countdown

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Pro Football Network ranked the top-25 players under the age of 25. Only one Atlanta Falcons player made the list with Bijan Robinson landing at 18th in the ranking. It is a deserving spot that respects Bijan's talent and potential, while understanding the lack of production in his rookie season.

Robinson's numbers aren't bad by any means, but they failed to live up to lofty expectations. Expectations that continue to build this offseason with Robinson being compared to Christian McCaffrey.

While 18th might seem low every player ranked in front of Bijan is far more proven. Whether it is helping fuel a run to the playoff or putting up gaudy numbers, each player ranked ahead of Robinson is more deserving.

Atlanta Falcons will give Bijan Robinson a chance to find his way into the top-ten

However, Atlanta fans should expect this to change with Robinson well inside the top-ten of any such list by year's end. With the additions at quarterback and an offensive coordinator willing to feed his stars, the numbers should take a huge leap.

If we believe the Falcons are going to use Bijan in a McCaffrey role the back should be expected to finish with anywhere from 1,500-2,000-total yards. He has the ability as a receiver to put up these numbers and help keep the defense off balance.

Atlanta is going to pass with far more regularity with Kirk Cousins now under center. However, Robinson is going to be featured and give Atlanta their best chance at a balanced attack.

Concern for Robinson shouldn't be his production or the chances he will receive in this offense. It is improved ball security that should be concerning fans. If you look at Robinson's rookie season that is the biggest concern moving forward. The second-year back must do a far better job taking care of the ball.