Atlanta Falcons star named as ideal kick returner after recent changes

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

With the offseason winding down and a long summer ahead there is an obvious lack of headlines. One solution to this is looking at the new kick-off rules and considering the best possible option for the new play for each team. That is exactly what CBS Sports did putting together a list of each team's ideal kick returner under the new play.

It is a fun idea that considers what Lamar Jackson, Justin Fields, or Kyler Murray could do under the new rule. The new rule would perfectly allow the best rushing quarterbacks in our game the chance to consistently create big plays.

This isn't a real consideration due to injury concerns and adding another responsibility to the toughest position in the game. However, it is a fun hypothetical and one that would give an Atlanta Falcons star additional chances to create big plays.

Atlanta was given two choices between Rondale Moore and Bijan Robinson. Both players have exactly what the new play needs the ability to escape the first tackle and leave the rest of the field behind. Moore could become a real possibility if injuries were to open that door.

Robinson is a player Atlanta would never risk in that role but still is a fun consideration. Bijan Robinson's elite ability to create would make him the perfect weapon in this role. Kyle Pitts and Drake London are both great weapons but lack the speed to be considered.

Robinson doesn't shy away from physicality but is just as able to run away from you as he is to run through you. Bijan is the correct choice in this hypothetical and would consistently create big plays for Atlanta. Despite this, as is the case with much of the list it is simply an exercise in "what if" ignoring the injury and usage concerns that will keep this from being considered.

Atlanta's primary kick return options heading into the season will be Ray-Ray McCloud and Avery Williams. Both players have the needed speed and escapability to create big plays without risking injury to a franchise cornerstone.