Atlanta Falcons to sign Kirk Cousins to four-year deal

The news has broke as the Atlanta Falcons have found their quarterback as they will sign Kirk Cousins to a four-year deal.

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The Atlanta Falcons have been searching for their new quarterback and they have now found one as they will be signing Kirk Cousins to a four-year deal.

The rehabbing quarterback will look to find his spot back on the field with a very talented offense. The Falcons have a lot of confidence in where he is in his rehab process.

Kirk Cousins signing a four-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons

Once the legal tampering period kicks off, things usually get going pretty quickly. We have already seen some big contracts to top free agents but Kirk Cousins was seen as the big piece. Now, we have an answer to his decision as Cousins will move from Minnesota to Atlanta.

Things aren't official yet as he can't sign on the dotted line until Wednesday afternoon but it would take a Falcons-esque disaster for this deal not to go through.

We will have to see how much the deal is worth but the fact they are okay with signing him to a four-year deal says a lot. They will likely pay him a lot in the first two years and then have an out once he approaches 40 years old.

This is a huge move that will open up many avenues in the draft and the rest of free agency.

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