Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers: Winners and Losers from 2023's week 2 game

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons
Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Loser: TE Kyle Pitts

This is through no fault of Kyle Pitts' own. He was blocking extremely well out there all game. But he wasn't getting the looks in the passing game and there were times when he was open that Desmond Ridder had the pocket close up around him. However, with just two catches on five targets, the Falcons need to do a better job of involving Pitts into the passing game. The decoy thing worked this week, but they will have to really build that up even more moving forward.

Winner: WR Drake London

On the flip side, after having a bad game in week one, Drake London really turned it on in this game. He was able to get six catches on his seven targets for 67 yards and a touchdown. His touchdown catch was a great use of his basketball skills where he just boxed out a defender and turned towards Ridder with an open late. The Falcons used London to his best abilities in this one and were able to work him in. They just have to figure out how to work him and Kyle Pitts and Bijan Robinson all in together to really unlock the offense.

Loser: Pass Rush

Despite an early sack, the pass rush for three whole quarters was non-existant after that. It wasn't until the final drive that they were able to affect Jordan Love and force him into bad throws. Atlanta needs to start rotating in Arnold Ebiketie more. When he's on the field for the pass rush, it seems to just work better. It doesn't even have to be in base sets, they could run some more 3-3-5 nickel to try and force some poor throws or even pull off Zach Harrison or Calais Campbell on third downs earlier in games. However, Ebiketie needs to be in there more. He's making it happen in the pass rush.

Winner: WR Mack Hollins

It was Mack Hollins birthday today, and he had himself a day. Outside of the touchdown that was called back, Hollins had one of the big catches of the day for a 45-yard completion on the Falcons final touchdown drive of the game. His other two catches went for 15 yards on key second and third downs, but he had a great game. That touchdown should have counted, anyway. Hollins also was throwing key blocks out there to spring Bijan Robinson for big runs. He's been an asset early this year.