Atlanta Falcons week 15 must be all about Bijan Robinson

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons will take on the one-win Carolina Panthers this week in another "must-win" situation in a tight division race. This week Arthur Smith should throw his attempts to outthink the defense out the window. The type of thinking that runs the ball in the direction with more defenders than blockers or groups routes on the same portion of the field.

Smith all season long fought the strategy of simply giving the ball to his best players. That has been slightly adjusted as of late and the results have shown. This must continue to be the case against Carolina with Bijan Robinson getting at least 20-30 touches.

Atlanta doesn't need to risk Desmond Ridder turning the ball over and losing this game. This game should simply be about force-feeding Bijan Robinson and allowing the Atlanta run game to carry the Falcons.

Carolina's run defense can be taken advantage of and the Falcons have the perfect week to simply run the ball with an injured offensive line. Ridder shouldn't put the ball in the air more than 15-20 times in this game if that many.

Atlanta doesn't need a passing attack to beat this team. Their defense and rushing attack are more than enough to put away the one-win Panthers and push them back into the playoff race. Any other game plan that doesn't result in a decisive win should result in the Falcons parting ways with Arthur Smith.

This game is as easy as it gets in the NFL. Carolina is lost and without any weapons on offense that should be feared. Atlanta needs to shorten this game and put it in the hands of your rookie running back. There is a reason the back was a top ten pick give Robinson the heavy workload and ride his production to what will be another division win.