Atlanta Falcons: Where each starter ranks at their position in Madden 24

Here is where each starter for the Atlanta Falcons ranks at their position in the upcoming video game Madden 24
Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Where each Atlanta Falcons starter ranks in the new Madden 24

Madden ratings are as debatable as ever. With every year comes a new Madden which sparks outcry from every fanbase about how their favorite player doesn't have a high enough rating. What fans need to realize is that they aren't making decisions based on what is accurate, they are making decisions based on what will make them the most money.

This is why they make a big deal about increasing a player's Madden rating or they do promotional videos with a player who thinks his rating should be higher. You get the idea.

The sad truth is that right now, the Kansas City Chiefs make the developers more money than the Atlanta Falcons do. And then there is a team like the Dallas Cowboys who will always make them more money than just about any other team out there. More fans equals more sales. They want to entice the fans of popular franchises to buy their game.

Anyways, the point is that you should try not to get wrapped up in complaining about how one player should be rated higher. With that, we are going to look at where each rating for the Falcons' starters ranks based on their position, starting with quarterback, running back, and fullback.