Atlanta Falcons will wear their red throwback helmets in these three games

The Atlanta Falcons will be featuring their legendary red throwback helmets three times in 2023, once in September, October, and November

San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons
San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Unsurprisingly the Atlanta Falcons will bring back the best helmets in NFL history for three games in 2023. They are set to wear their red throwback helmets for this next season after featuring them a few times last year following the NFL's decision to eliminate the 'one helmet rule.'

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It is certainly something all fans wanted to see as it is hard to find anyone who doesn't like the red helmets with the black, white, and gold stripes down the middle.

The Atlanta Falcons will feature their red throwback helmets in three games in 2023

While the Atlanta Falcons won't be wearing their gradient jerseys in 2023, they did announce that they will wear the fan-favorite red throwback helmets for three home games. They announced the dates on social media but curiously didn't detail who they will be playing on these dates. But we will cover that here.

Here are the weeks and opponents that the Falcons will play on these three dates:

  • Week 2: vs. Green Bay Packers (Sep. 17)
  • Week 6: vs. Washington Commanders (Oct. 15)
  • Week 12: vs. New Orleans Saints (Nov. 26)

Clearly, they are trying to spread the dates out but it is interesting that we will see the red helmets in week two. Last season, we didn't see them make their return until week six against the 49ers. Hopefully, we end up with a similar result this year.

Personally, I am so glad that they chose the week 12 game against New Orleans. What better way to play your bitter rival than in the red throwback helmet? Show those losers what a good color scheme looks like.

Not to mention, I think there is something to these helmets giving the players a little more drive. Deion Sanders said it best "If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good."

It is great to see these return and it would be surprising if the team takes these away anytime soon. They should be here to stay.