Atlanta Falcons win in spite of their lackluster offense, again

The Atlanta Falcons were supposed to be built on their offense but they continue to be a liability

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
Atlanta Falcons Training Camp / Edward M. Pio Roda/GettyImages

Something needs to happen with this Atlanta Falcons offense. Head coach Arthur Smith was brought in in 2021 to be a steady presence as a play caller but it has not worked out, and we are in year three.

This scheme is simply not cutting it. Outside of a run game that has faded at times, there isn't much to like. Play calls are bland, receivers aren't getting any separation, and they are holding down an elite defense

Offense is holding the Atlanta Falcons back

We waited years and years to say this but the offense for the Atlanta Falcons is holding an elite defense back. I seriously never thought I would be able to write that.

The facts are the facts, the offense is not scoring enough. When your head coach specializes in offense, your offense should be the driving force of the team. We are in year three and Arthur Smith has not been able to score 31 points in any game as the head coach.

Sure, Smith is known for his running game, and running offenses don't score as often or as much, but he had Matt Ryan in 2021. Now, he has Drake London, Kyle Pitts, Bijan Robinson, Tyler Allgeier, and Cordarrelle Patterson; you should be able to score 21 or more every week.

This defense should not be under this much pressure. They have zero room for error right now and are somehow delivering, especially after a tough three-game stretch a month ago.

Desmond Ridder has had his fair share of issues, but he has also been nowhere close to the entire problem. Honestly, I don't know that we are any closer to finding out if he is the guy for the position. We see glimpses but he is routinely put in bad positions.

Whether it be bad play designs, no separation, pressure, or whatever it may be, no quarterback would be incredible in this situation and scheme.

All in all, changes need to be made. The coaching staff has known this for weeks and it is easier said than done, but they are paid a lot of money to figure these things out and they must deliver.

The good news? We aren't paying a quarterback $100 million to do this (ahem, New Orleans).

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