Atlanta Falcons: Winners and losers of the 2023 NFL Draft

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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Winner: Troy Andersen & Mykal Walker, LB, Atlanta Falcons

One of the more surprising things from the 2023 NFL Draft was the Atlanta Falcons' decision to not draft a linebacker with there being some uncertainties around the position.

Troy Andersen now seems to be the leader for the defense, provided that the team doesn't reach a deal with Rashaan Evans. The second-round pick from 2022 was able to see the field, especially late in his rookie season. It seems like he showed the team enough to earn the trust that he can be the top player at the position.

And then there is the player who was often taken off the field for Andersen last year—Mykal Walker. Walker did not have a great season last year, nevertheless, he has shown some promise during his career.

At the end of the day, the Falcons' decision to not draft an off-the-ball linebacker shows they have a lot of trust in their two young, athletic linebackers.