Atlanta Falcons: Winners and losers of the 2023 NFL Draft

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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Winner: Arthur Smith, HC, Atlanta Falcons

While Arthur Smith does have a lot of input when it comes to the draft, ultimately, it is the general manager and owner who make the final decision. Smith was able to pick up a generational running back in the first round with Bijan Robinson and a starting left guard in the second round with Matthew Bergeron.

This is strong reinforcement for an offense that already ran the ball better than anyone in the league last year. Now you add a left guard with better potential than Elijah Wilkinson and a running back who is absolutely unreal with the ball in his hands, and Arthur Smith can start cooking.

It really is a scary thought, this was an offense led by Arthur Smith, that could run the ball down the defense's throat last year and now they are significantly better.

All told, Arthur Smith benefitted greatly from the Falcons early decisions in the NFL Draft.