3 winners (and 3 losers) from Falcons offseason so far

We'll take the wins we can get even though it's just May. As for the losers? Tough scene.
Atlanta Falcons, Kirk Cousins, Michael Penix
Atlanta Falcons, Kirk Cousins, Michael Penix / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Loser: Jase McClellan, RB

It might sound funny labeling a rookie as a loser, but sixth-round pick Jase McClellan fits the bill. The Alabama product comes into a situation where both Robinson and Allgeier are cleary ahead of him on the depth chart, and they will be so long as they're playing for the Falcons. Robinson is obviously the future at the position, and hopefully for many years to come, with how talented he is and the draft capital invested.

McClellan could have gone to another team and become the second-string back who gives the offense a different look on third downs, but instead he comes into Atlanta as a guy who will not see a lot of action.

Winner: Jimmy Lake, DC

The Falcons hired Jimmy Lake to be their new defensive coordinator, and he initially came into a good situation. Atlanta has some talent on that side of the ball. But, the Falcons would go on to use the following three picks on defense after taking Penix in the first.

Atlanta took defensive tackle Ruke Orhorhoro in the second, edge rusher Bralen Trice in the third and defensive lineman Brandon Dorlus in the fourth. The Falcons' investement on defense was clear, after making many offensive moves in free agency and prior to the draft, aside from selecting Penix.

Atlanta was 11th in yards per game allowed last year while dropping to 18th in points per game allowed. There is a lot of potential there, and Lake is in a great situation.