Atlanta Falcons with a chance to correct off-season mistake

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One of the odder moves of the current Atlanta Falcons front office was the decision to re-sign Germain Ifedi only to turn around and cut the tackle weeks later. Perhaps there is information that we don't know but from the outside, it looks like a clear mistake that the Falcons now have a chance to go back and correct.

Ifedi was released yet again and now the Falcons can bring Germain back and fill the open swing tackle spot. What made Atlanta's decision making so odd with Ifedi is the fact they re-signed the solid backup option only to turn and cut him weeks later without adding another option as a swing tackle.

Jalen Mayfield was given a chance to move back to tackle and win the role and that ended with the former third round pick getting cut. The Falcons need to right the poor decision they made earlier in the off-season and bring in a player that is a solid option in an emergency and clearly gives the team much needed depth at the position.

Ifedi isn't a long-term starter but unlike any of Atlanta's current options can fill in and not be an instant liability. If we are looking at Atlanta's roster objectively this is one of three positions that stand out with linebacker and receiver needing help as well.

Germain Ifedi coming back to Atlanta is both an interesting story and one that clearly fixes Atlanta's current problem. Despite having two solid starting tackles in Jake Matthews and Kaleb McGary the team has zero depth behind them.

The offensive line overall looks like a great unit but if injury strikes there isn't the depth that the team had on their roster last season. This can easily be fixed either with roster cuts or even looking in free agency and veteran depth options.