Atlanta Falcons worst moves of the offseason

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1. Failing to warn Kirk Cousins about Michael Penix Jr.

Let's ignore the pick itself and simply focus on how the decision went down within the organization. Your last franchise quarterback left the team after being blindsided by your ill-advised attempt to chase Deshaun Watson. This cost your team two seasons in quarterback misery with Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder.

One would think that you would learn from your mistakes and if you landed another franchise quarterback would manage the situation a bit differently. Kirk Cousins is the ultimate pro and is under contract for at least the next two seasons. However, it was clear the quarterback was blindsided by the pick and wasn't told until the Falcons were on the clock and the decision had long been made.

You failed to learn from your mistake in what would have been an easy call to make. It is far easier to swallow for the veteran quarterback if you simply were straightforward and gave sufficient warning.

This isn't arguing against the pick but the management of it and how Cousins was managed throughout the process. It was messy and could have been easily avoided if the Falcons simply picked up the phone a bit sooner.