Atlanta Falcons worst moves of the offseason

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3. Opting not to replace Jeff Okudah

There are two versions of Okudah that Atlanta watched in the 2023 season and that is why he is now wearing a different uniform. Before last season's injury, Okudah was the perfect fit with Terrell and looked to be on his way to cashing in during this offseason. After an early season injury, however, Okudah took a huge step back and never found his way back to the player he was early on for the Falcons.

It was clear that both sides needed to move on and the Falcons needed to find new depth. Atlanta's moves at the position this offseason have been to add Kevin King and Antonio Hamilton. This leaves the Falcons counting on Mike Hughes, Dee Alford, and Clark Phillips as their primary corners behind A.J. Terrell.

Dee Alford remains an exciting player but is horribly inconsistent. Clark Phillips had an impressive rookie season but is far from a proven player and ideally would be the 3rd or 4th option this season. If the Falcons weren't so desperate at the position Mike Hughes would be cut after a 2023 season both Hughes and the Falcons would love to forget.