Atlanta Falcons worst moves of the offseason

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4. Introducing quarterback controversy

Give the Falcons credit for planning for the future at the quarterback position. If they are correct about Penix there are a lot of takes that aren't going to age well. However, this is listing the worst moves for the 2024 offseason for the Falcons. It isn't taking into consideration the impact the move might have two years down the road but rather what it means for this offseason and moving into the year.

Taking Michael Penix Jr. after signing Kirk Cousins for $180-million is a move that is going to be talked about for most of the season. Either Cousins plays at a high level and the move is criticized or the veteran struggles and his future with the team is consistently put into question.

The money demands that Cousins stays your starting quarterback for the next two seasons. Any other move that sets up a dead cap hit the Falcons simply can't explain away for the next three years. Cousins is this team's quarterback for better or worse but that isn't going to stop the stories that will happen this summer and moving into the year.

Cousins' level of play has little to do with it this is a quarterback-driven league and now the Falcons have one of the most interesting duos in the league.