Atlanta Falcons would be a perfect landing spot if Stroud falls

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C.J. Stroud falling in the draft should catch the Atlanta Falcons' attention if it is anything more than the misguided speculation it appears to be. After weeks of working under the assumption that the Colts, Texans, and Panthers would all take a quarterback in the first four picks momentum was given to the rumor that perhaps it isn't a foregone conclusion that 3-4 quarterbacks won't be off the board in the top ten.

This is likely nothing more than a smoke screen meant to further muddy the waters as each team attempts to hide their target in the final week before the draft. Atlanta having a real chance at drafting C.J. Stroud is less likely than star prospect Will Anderson falling their way.

For three teams clearly in need of a quarterback to pass on the best prospect at the position would be a historically impossible decision. Still, despite encouraging signs from Desmond Ridder it is important to note if Stroud were to fall in the draft this should change Atlanta's approach completely.

If Anthony Richardson is the first overall pick it would mean the Texans or Colts pass on a quarterback with the second team in that scenario taking Bryce Young. It seems an impossibility, however, Atlanta should keep a close eye on the situation despite their obvious commitment to Ridder.

The decision to move forward with Ridder is because Atlanta believes in the potential along with the lack of targets in free agency and depth at the position in this year's draft. Moving forward with Ridder while building a deep roster is the obvious decision.

However, if Stroud were to somehow fall outside the top four picks Atlanta's plan should be adjusted. With rumors swirling the weeks heading into the draft looking at this objectively a rational conclusion is that this is simply a rumor that has zero merit. One that makes little sense with C.J. Stroud clearly the top quarterback in his class and deserving of the number one pick Carolina holds.