Baseball lineup made of Falcons' players in honor of MLB Opening Day

Missouri v Georgia
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Right fielder: Cordarrelle Patterson (RB - Atlanta Falcons)

We had to get Cordarrelle Patterson in here somewhere and truth be told, I would take a baseball team that has Cordarrelle at every position if I could.

Much like Troy Anderson, I wouldn't doubt Patterson's ability to do anything. He has proven to be a dynamic athlete in the NFL and one can reason the same would be true in baseball.

Patterson has the speed to run the ball down and I am sure he can throw a baseball to home plate with amazing velocity. He has expressed interest to throw a pass in the NFL, so would it really be that big of a stretch?

I would also like to see what he could do with a bat. Seems like a perfect 40-40 candidate, just like the Braves' current right fielder.