Best edge options for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024 NFL draft

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1. Dallas Turner

If you're an Atlanta Falcons fan who also watches a lot of SEC football you know what a great prospect Dallas Turner is. His length and explosive ability stand out for a player who in most seasons would have an argument as a top-five pick.

After Joe Alt, Caleb Williams, and Marvin Harrison Jr. you can form an argument that Turner should start to come into consideration. However, with Alt and Harrison clearly ahead of him the Falcons should have a chance to select him. The league's desperation for help at quarterback is going to result in at least three quarterbacks going off the board in the top five picks.

There seems to be a lot of belief that J.J. McCarthy could push that number to four with a team trading up to select him. While this would be a mistake, it does make sense when you consider the lack of quality starting quarterbacks for nearly half the league.

The Falcons are going to benefit from this and should have a chance at Turner. Dallas is the most obvious selection for the position but perhaps doesn't come with the highest ceiling. Atlanta could consider trading down and still get their needed edge.