Best edge options for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024 NFL draft

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3. Jared Verse

The average Atlanta Falcons fan could be sold on any of the top three options at edge in this draft. It is due to the complete lack of a capable edge rusher for much of the last decade. Atlanta drafted Takk who was a bust and Vic Beasley who gave them one elite season and nothing else of note.

The Falcons are desperate to have someone that can get to the quarterback. Jared Verse is that guy but there is a chance he is off the board before Atlanta's number is called. It wouldn't be surprising to see either Verse or Turner selected ahead of Atlanta's 8th pick.

In a passing league, it has never been more important to be able to have players that can get to the quarterback. That is even more the case this season with tackling now harder and kick-offs setting up better field position chances.

Give Atlanta credit for how they have approached this offseason and left this the one position that clearly needs to be dealt with. It shows an understanding that with three legitimate first-round options they remain in control.