Biggest draft steals in Atlanta Falcons history

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1. Jamal Anderson 1994 201st overall pick

The Atlanta Falcons' final pick in the 1994 draft would become a huge part of their offense over the next half decade. Anderson was a surprise totaling 5,336-career rushing yards and 34-touchdowns. Anderson was a 7th round pick and very little was expected from the selection. He became an offensive leader and put up four great seasons over 1,000-rushing yards.

2. Todd McClure 1999 237th overall pick

Another 7th round pick that would turn into a franchise player. Fans will remember McClure as a steadying presence at center for the bulk of his career. You added a player in the 7th round that would prove to be a franchise player.

Not only was he a franchise player but a leader who helped Matt Ryan adjust to the next level. Todd's impact cannot be understated for a franchise that added two franchise players in the final round of the late 90's.

3. Roddy White 2005 27th overall pick

Yes, Roddy White was a first-round pick for the Falcons and still a draft steal. Look up the players that were selected in front of White and the reason he makes this list becomes clear. White was the ultimate leader and franchise receiver late in his career. His impact on Ryan and this franchise makes him deserving of a spot on this list despite being a first-rounder.