Biggest draft steals in Atlanta Falcons history

Divisional Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons
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4. Harry Douglas 2008 84th overall pick

Unlike Todd McClure or Roddy White, Harry Douglas was never a star for this team. Though the receiver did have a great 2013 season. The consistent depth piece and security blanket that Douglas was for Matt Ryan demands a spot on this list.

Douglas is often forgotten among the highlight reel plays that Roddy White and Julio Jones made in his tenure. What is lost in this is what a great piece Douglas was and what having him on the roster allowed the team to do offensively.

5. Robert Alford 2013 60th overall pick

Yes, Robert Alford was a second round pick and still has a clear argument as a draft steal. The corner would start 76 games for the Falcons and make one of the best plays in their franchise history. Forget how it ended and consider what Alford did to Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.

That is the play that should have been the end of the game and established Alford's impact on this franchise. It didn't end as we wanted but that doesn't take away Alford's play or consistent impact on this franchise.