Biggest draft steals in Atlanta Falcons history

Divisional Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons
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6. Devonta Freeman 2014 103rd overall pick

Devonta Freeman is another Falcon whose performance in this infamous Super Bowl shades his career. The missed block has been well covered and held against Freeman. Lost in that is what a steal and elite piece that Freeman was. Matt Ryan's MVP season was possible because they finally found a run game to support him.

While Tevin Coleman was a piece in that, it was Freeman who made the offense complete. His impact as a rusher and receiver was impressive and deserves respect.

7. Ricardo Allen 2014 147th Overall pick

Another key member of Atlanta's secondary that would start 76 games for the franchise with 11 interceptions during that time. Allen wasn't an elite player but he was a key starter that the team added late in the draft.

8. Grady Jarrett 2015 137th Overall pick

The Falcons added a player in the 5th round that would not only turn into a key starter but one of the best players in franchise history. What Jarrett does on the inside is so underrated due to the nature of the position. The defender has been one of the few consistent bright spots for this team for near a decade now.