Bijan Robinson has the clearest path to OROTY in the league

I still am in awe that we truly have one of the most dynamic players since Saquon Barkley on our roster.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

We clearly have one of the most talented players to grace the football field since Saquon Barkley, Adrian Peterson, and Edgerrin James, and I still haven't digested this completely. This match is something that you create in Madden, you take your most run-heavy offensive playbook, create a running back maxed out on speed, agility, break tackle, and strength, 0 out his injury, and cheat your way to a 55-0 blowout in the Super Bowl.

As a dynasty football maniac, I studied the tape furiously last summer/season with the intention of discovering who this Bijan Robinson guy everybody was excited about. It didn't take me two games to see how beyond words this guy was. Watching this guys tape was the most fun I had the entire draft season.

My take as him becoming the Offensive Rookie of The Year actually isn't that hot, as Robinson is clearly the favorite heading into the season. I just honestly cannot get over the great feeling about the number of yards, touchdowns, and excitement that Bijan will bring Falcons fans for years to come.

Many may have remembered Derrick Henry's insane run from 2017 to now, but who was the offensive coordinator to unlock that first 1,000 yard season? Arthur Smith. Who continued to pound the rock to absolute dust up to the door of the Super Bowl with no remorse? Arthur Smith.

The Titans offensive line from 2019 was somewhat comparable to what the Falcons have now; however, after a season or two a lot of people will agree (and I already feel this way now), that I would rather have Bijan Robinson in my backfield, no disrespect to King Henry.

So, I'm not a bettor myself, I get a little over competitive or obsessed with things, but Bijan as OROTY would be something that I guess you could say is 'chalk' ? The table is made for Bijan, all we have to do is wait for kickoff on Sunday.