Bijan Robinson will thrive in Arthur Smith's unique offense

2023 NFL Draft Red Carpet
2023 NFL Draft Red Carpet / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons selected Bijan Robinson 8th overall in this year's draft inviting plenty of hot takes due to Robinson's position. Drafting Bijan in the top ten both based on his position and the players already on Atlanta's roster was an odd decision in some ways.

However, Atlanta and Arthur Smith clearly believe that Robinson is a star who is the last piece for Smith's offense. What has become obvious as well in post-draft interviews and workouts is the fact that Atlanta doesn't view Robinson as simply a running back. Bijan was a great receiver in college and Atlanta is going to take full advantage of this viewing Robinson as a multi-positional player.

If there is one thing that we have learned about Arthur Smith it is the head coach loves positional flexibility above all else. What other possible explanation is there for keeping Franks on this roster? Smith values players that can fill multiple roles and Robinson will play into that as both a traditional running back and a receiver that hunts mismatches.

This makes Atlanta unique in the fact they can create packages with Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Bijan Robinson all on the field in a myriad of roles. Atlanta's offense is now incredibly flexible in the packages they can run and how they put the ball in the hands of their stars.

Robinson was clearly brought to Atlanta to run the football but with two great backs already on the roster and in Arthur Smith's system the Falcons should be expected to use Robinson as a receiver often.

Clearly, Atlanta's best two options heading into the season as playmakers are Bijan Robinson and Kyle Pitts. Having these two stars will make life much easier for Patterson, Allgeier, and London giving Atlanta the most exciting offense they have had since the 2016 season.