Breaking down the 2023 Atlanta Falcons training camp roster: Interior Offensive Linemen

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The Atlanta Falcons' strengths lie on the offensive line. Their interior offensive line, in particular, is one of their best units. The group features two excellent starters who will be adding a rookie to the starting group in the form of a second-round pick. There's also a ton of extremely competent depth that will give the Falcons one of the best units in the NFL, even with an injury or two to the starters. Atlanta should continue to rely on the strength of this group.

Chris Lindstrom

Boston College has been fantastic for the Atlanta Falcons in the draft since 2000. The two players they have selected have been former franchise quarterback Matt Ryan and current franchise offensive lineman Chris Lindstrom. Lindstrom signed a contract in the offseason to be the highest-paid offensive guard in the NFL. Lindstrom will easily keep his job for the next half decade, and the question about him isn't whether he will start but just how good he can be compared to some of the all-time great guards in NFL history.

Role with the Falcons in 2023: Starting Right Guard

Drew Dalman

The Atlanta Falcons drafted Drew Dalman in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL draft with a pick acquired in a trade-down. So far, the move to select Dalman has made too much sense for the Falcons as he's been the starting center for 2022 and projects to have the same role in 2023 barring injury. Dalman makes great line calls in the running game and is learning pass protections still, however, his real strength is his blocking.

The Falcons love to use him on pulls in the running game due to his athleticism. He's also one of the best blockers that Atlanta has when it comes to getting to the second level in the running game. Dalman's biggest issues come from his snapping. If he can continue to improve his snapping and his pass protection, the Falcons should have a starting center for the next decade in the former Stanford product. Dalman should easily win the job again for 2023.

Role with the Falcons in 2023: Starting Center

Matt Bergeron

Rookie Year

The Atlanta Falcons played with four different left guards during the 2022 season. Those guards were a waiver claim in Chuma Edoga, young former third-round pick Matt Hennessy, journeyman Elijah Wilkinson and regular reserve Colby Gossett. The play, regardless of who was in the spot, was solid enough for the Falcons to have a great running game. They decided to solve that problem by drafting Matthew Bergeron in the second round out of Syracuse.

Bergeron was a left tackle in college who had excellent athleticism, but had issues with speedy guys getting outside his shoulder. In the NFL, moving to guard will help his play a ton because he can start throwing those speedier guys right into Jake Matthews on his outside edge. His run blocking is already fantastic, but as a pass protector, he should be an upgrade over all four of the guys who played the position in 2022. Bergeron fits perfectly for the Falcons athletically as well.

Role with the Falcons in 2023: Starting Left Guard

Matt Hennessy

Matt Hennessy is competing for the starting left guard role with Matthew Bergeron. It's unlikely the former Temple Owl wins the job, though. Bergeron was selected to be the long-term left guard and has a better profile to work with. Hennessy has more value as a gameday active at depth guard and center. He's started parts of three seasons with the Falcons and has the game experience in the offense to be successful. He's in a contract year, though, and is one injury away from seeing the field in any given game. His experience and abilities give the Falcons a highly competent depth piece.

Role with the Falcons in 2023: Gameday guard/center

Jovaughn Gwyn

Rookie Year

Depth is extremely important for the Falcons. Even their depth needs to have depth, and that's why Jovaughn Gwyn was selected in the seventh round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Gwyn is a guy who will play center, but could slide in at guard in a pinch. He's the heir apparent for the potential future loss of Matt Hennessy as a gameday active at the guard and center spots so that the Falcons can optimize their active gameday rosters. He will likely have to sit for a year to acclimate to the pros, but that seems to be the modus operandi of the Falcons current regime.

Role with the Falcons in 2023: redshirting in 2023, but replacing Hennessy after

Justin Shaffer

In continuing to build a strength for the Falcons, Justin Shaffer should be someone who makes the roster in the 2023 season. He's likely going to be the reserve at right guard should Chris Lindstrom go down, but have the ability to play left guard as well. Shaffer is unlikely to be active on game days, but the former sixth-round pick should have his spot on the roster secured with a strong training camp. Atlanta has a great offensive line, and a former starter on a national championship team like Shaffer as depth is just proof of that.

Role with the Falcons in 2023: competing for the reserve guard roster spot, maybe practice squad

Ethan Greenidge

Ethan Greenidge is a guy who is unlikely to make the Falcons' roster. He was an undrafted free agent for the Saints back in 2019 and has spent the last four seasons with them. However, he's coming off his second straight season-ending injury, and the Falcons don't know if he's going to be the same guy he was before then. Though, all he was before then was a solid depth piece on the offensive line at guard and tackle, and the Falcons could end up with someone better by cutting Greenidge.

Role with the Falcons in 2023: competing for the reserve guard spot, maybe practice squad

Kyle Hinton

Kyle Hinton played for the Minnesota Vikings for three years before they released him for the Falcons to pick him up. Hinton played primarily the guard roles, but he has the kind of athleticism a tackle in the offense would require. The Falcons could potentially have another Elijah Wilkinson-type steal here with Hinton. More than likely, though, Hinton ends up as a potential cut who is on the practice squad for most of the year as an additional depth piece.

Role with the Falcons in 2023: competing for the reserve guard roster spot, maybe practice squad

Ryan Neuzil

Ryan Neuzil is a unique player in that he was a tight end when he got recruited to college and later slid over to the offensive line. The center has been a backup and practice squad player for the Falcons his first two seasons, and it looks like that will continue this season. Neuzil may never be a starter for the team, but he's shown enough as a pro in the preseason to earn a roster spot—even if that roster spot is just on the practice squad until other depth linemen get hurt during the season.

Role with the Falcons in 2023: Competing for a role as a reserve center, likely practice squad

Jonotthan Harrison

Jonotthan Harrison is a unique player for the Falcons to still have on their camp roster. While he was on the practice squad for most of the last two seasons, he's not someone who should see much time in the game barring injuries. The Falcons should have better players than Harrison at this point in his career, and it wouldn't be a surprise if they decided to cut him even before training camp starts. The interior group is very deep compared to 2022, and he's gone from sixth or seventh best to around 10th best for the Falcons.

Role with the Falcons in 2023: Likely camp body who doesn't make the roster

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