Bryce Young remains a Georgia rival as the Carolina Panthers franchise quarterback

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Former Alabama quarterback Bryce Young was the first overall draft pick for the Carolina Panthers after the franchise spent a treasure chest of assets to move past the Atlanta Falcons from the 9th pick to the 1st overall pick.

Young has been a long-time Georgia Bulldogs rival with both sides registering memorable wins. Young will continue to haunt Georgia at the next level joining the Atlanta Falcons division on what is clearly either the first or second-best roster in the division.

Young is clearly extremely talented but will face durability concerns based on his size and play style. Carolina taking Young is a risk but one with a high upside considering Young's electric ability to create big plays.

Young joining Atlanta's division cements the NFC South as a two-team race that will be decided by Desmond Ridder and Bryce Young. How quickly the two young quarterbacks develop and whether or not they can stay healthy will be the determining factors in deciding the NFC South in 2023.

Bryce Young clearly had the most refined talent of any quarterback in his class though the injury concerns gave reason to wonder if C.J. Stroud might be the safer decision for Carolina. The Panthers opted for the riskier move with perhaps the higher ceiling.

Stroud and Young both had memorable performances against a great Georgia Bulldogs defense putting together tape against a team with a myriad of NFL talent that made it clear both players were clearly the best of this year's limited quarterback class.

Bryce Young finished his college career with the single-game passing record for the Tide and as the Heisman winner in the 2021 season. Atlanta has plenty of reason to be nervous with a new division rival and clearly a new division favorite in the Carolina Panthers making the biggest move of the 2023 draft.