Calvin Ridley trade finally concludes for the Falcons and Jaguars

The Atlanta Falcons will be receiving a third-round pick to conclude the Calvin Ridley trade after the Jacksonville Jaguars did not sign the wide receiver to an extension.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans / Justin Ford/GettyImages

We have known for a long time what the final details of the Calvin Ridley trade from the Atlanta Falcons to the Jacksonville Jaguars would look like—even if things weren't official.

Now, with the new league year beginning, things are officially official as the Jaguars' failure to reach an agreement has landed the Falcons a third-round pick.

Calvin Ridley trade concludes, Jaguars surrender third-round pick to the Falcons

The Calvin Ridley trade from November of 2022 had a couple of conditional picks attached to it. First was a draft pick that was dependent on Ridley being reinstated by the NFL. That was a success for all parties as Ridley was able to return by the deadline. The sixth-round pick turned into a fifth-rounder—eventually traded to the Detroit Lions for Jeff Okudah.

The second conditional pick started as a fourth-rounder in the 2024 NFL Draft which could turn into a third-rounder if Ridley hit a playing-time milestone—which he did—or a second-rounder if Ridley were to sign an extension before hitting the open market today.

The Jaguars, unsurprisingly, did not extend the receiver. It never made any sense for them to, especially as the deadline crept closer and closer.

The Jags could have gone to Ridley, agreed to a deal in theory, and then let him technically hit the open market only to sign him to the deal. It appears like that is the path they went down.


For those who claim the Jaguars acted in bad faith, you are wrong. The two teams agreed to a deal and both sides knew the possibilities of how things could go down.

Terry Fontenot knew that the Jags could do this and you cannot blame them for playing things the way they did. It would have been embarrassing to not take that path. No team is just going to unnecessarily throw away a second-round pick.

Anyway, the Falcons still get a third-round pick for a receiver who would have likely never played for them again. The Jaguars might still end up losing Ridley but it sounds like both sides want to run it back. We will now have to play the waiting game to see where Ridley ends up.

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