Cam Newton offers delusional take on Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan

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The Atlanta Falcons should have signed Cam Newton to be their starting quarterback. Just ask Cam Newton and he will tell you, he should have been the team's starting option. It is almost flattering how badly a former division rival wants to be a part of Atlanta's roster. However, it continues to show a lack of understanding and self-awareness.

Cam Newton made an appearance on Club Shay Shay starting his monologue on Atlanta by calling the signing of Kirk Cousins "egregious" This in itself is a hot take. Not completely out of touch considering what Atlanta did pay for Cousins. However, it shows a lack of awareness that only gets worse as the interview goes on.

Newton followed this take up by offering that Atlanta could have signed Cam Newton, Justin Fields, and Michael Vick for the price they paid for Cousins. What do all three of these quarterbacks have in common? None are legitimate starting quarterbacks at this stage of their careers.

Fields is a backup in Pittsburgh, Vick has long left the game to become a broadcastor, and Newton needs to learn to let the game go. The entire take drips of jealously and a lack of self awareness of where Newton is at this stage of his career.

For reference, the last time that we saw Cam Newton on a football field he completed 54.8% of his passes for 4-touchdowns and 5-interceptions. Newton hasn't been an above average starter since the start of the 2020 season with the Patriots. A year that started out well and ended with the Patriots moving off Newton in favor of Mac Jones.

Carolina gave Newton one last chance and the team went 0-5 and it was clear Newton was part of the problem. Watch any of Newton's final games and the issues with Cam as a passer are clear in a passing league.

Atlanta fans continued to be subjected to the Lamar Jackson narrative as well with Shannon Sharpe referencing Atlanta could have landed the quarterback for two first-rounders. This is a different discussion entirely but again ignoring the fact Baltimore was always in the driver's seat.

Cam wasn't content with only maligning Kirk Cousins with the discussion turning to Matt Ryan. Sharpe offered that the Falcons signed Cousins attempting to find the next Matt Ryan. Newton follows this conversation offering a list of weapons that Ryan had.

This isn't incorrect, however, Newton offers "he had a defense" begging the question which defense Newton is referring to? Perhaps Cam is mixing up the Carolina defenses that supported him in his career. Ryan never had an elite defense and rarely had an above average unit. This take is what was truly egregious within the interview.

Ryan's time with Atlanta didn't end as fans had hoped. However, to write the quarterback off based on his weapons and having a defense that didn't exist is disrespectful. Ryan has accomplished more than many quarterbacks in NFL history. Newton's criticism is out of touch and simply not accurate.

These takes appear to come from a wish to be Atlanta's quarterback and misdirected frustration at the organization. This is flattering in some ways but shows a lack of understanding of where he is in his career. Someone needs to sit Newton down and allow him to watch the final games he has played.

Newton references changing resumes and getting paid more than Cousins in his place. This is a bit of a confusing turn in his soliloquy and simply isn't true. Unless Newton is referencing his MVP season teams were never going to pay for his style with the same guarantees.

Cam Newton made his money as a bully with the football punishing would-be tacklers. It is a style that took a toll on his body and career. That is the reason that Cam Newton is no longer in the league, along with his regression as a passer. Teams are unwilling to pay for a starter who cannot pass the ball consistently and is no longer an unstoppable force as a rusher.

It truly is that simple no matter what explanation that Cam may offer or shots at the Falcons he may take. The truth is that the Falcons are with the rest of the league in understanding what Newton is at this stage of his career. Something Cam would do well to realize and understand as a player that will remain a legend in the game.