Can the Atlanta Falcons still make the playoffs this season?

Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

While the road is next to impossible for the Atlanta Falcons to make the playoffs the NFC South is still up for grabs. Despite winning both Tampa and New Orleans have tough games ahead and Atlanta's final game with the Saints sets up the potential for the Falcons to sneak into the playoffs if they win out.

That sentence alone should eliminate this team considering they were unable to beat the one-win Panthers to keep pace with their division. Yes, the Falcons making the playoffs is still on the table officially but Atlanta fans know that their season is over.

In truth, this is a team that doesn't deserve a playoff chance considering their losses to the Cardinals, Vikings, Bucs, and Panthers. All four were games Atlanta had to find a way to win and they couldn't win any of the four.

Losing to the Panthers and falling out of the playoff race the next week against the Colts may be the best thing for this franchise. Arthur Blank made it clear that it would have to be a collapse for the Falcons to start over next year.

Any sane summation of what we have watched over the last two weeks would be considered under the umbrella of collapse. Arthur Smith's team was given an all-time easy schedule and are playing in the worst division in the league.

Their response has been to find ways to fumble away the chances they have been continually given. The answer is yes, this team can still make the playoffs technically. But any rationale pundit is going to realize that this team is eliminated and perhaps that is for the better long term in Atlanta.

It should be a fresh start for the Falcons next year with the hope that perhaps things will finally change in Atlanta.