Comparing the Atlanta Falcons schedule to the rest of the NFC South

Looking at how the Atlanta Falcons schedule compares to the three other NFC South rivals' schedules.
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Lance King/GettyImages
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NFC South schedule: Weeks 16-18





Week 16:

vs. Colts

@ Rams

vs. Packers

vs. Jaguars

Week 17:

@ Bears

@ Buccaneeers

@ Jaguars

vs. Saints

Week 18:

@ Saints

vs. Falcons

vs. Buccaneers

@ Panthers

In my opinion, the schedule over the last three weeks works in favor of the Falcons and Saints, which, of course, could mean that the week 18 matchup in New Orleans could determine who wins the division.

Overall, it looks like the Falcons will have the advantage. They get to play the Jaguars in a more neutral location in London (although, there will likely be a lot of Jaguars fans in the stands) and play the weaker schedule as a whole.

I really feel like week one against the Panthers and week 18 against the Saints could be the two biggest games for the Falcons.