Could Aaron Donald follow Raheem Morris to the Atlanta Falcons?

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
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Raheem Morris has been focused on building out his Atlanta Falcons coaching staff keeping many pieces in place. Veterans like Jerry Gray have been retained while former player T.J. Yates was moved to quarterbacks coach. Morris is making well-thought-out moves that should have Atlanta fans excited about what this looks like for the roster.

Arthur Blank has made it clear that Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris will work together and report to him. The duo is going to be working together to build a roster with very similar philosophies.

The biggest piece for Morris with the Rams defense was defensive lineman Aaron Donald. It is fair to wonder could Morris attempt a reunion at some point with the Falcons? While the Rams were a playoff team in the 2023 season they are clearly rebuilding. Outside of Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Donald, the majority of their roster is young players they are working to build around.

Stafford clearly is still a franchise quarterback and going nowhere. While Donald's future is a bit more unclear. Aaron isn't the player he has been in years past but still is an elite presence that with Grady Jarrett would give Atlanta the best interior duo in the league.

While the Eagles might have an argument when it comes to depth they don't have two players as consistent and dominant as Donald and Jarrett. Aaron is in a contract year and could join the Falcons roster if the Rams fall out of the playoff race and become sellers.

This seems extremely unlikely, however, and Donald isn't going to be cut due to the cap when you look at his dead cap hit and the impact he still has. If a Raheem Morris and Aaron Donald reunion is to happen it must be in the 2025 offseason when Donald is slated to become a free agent.

As a final piece in Atlanta's defense and in a push to contend signing Donald would make a lot of sense for Atlanta if he hits free agency. Until that time, however, the Falcons must remain content with their current options and search for an elite edge rusher that takes this defense from competent to a threat.