Could Aaron Rodgers make his return against the Atlanta Falcons?

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers has been stealing all the headlines this week ahead of the New York Jets matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. Rodgers is back practicing with the team and talking a potential return. This leads to the obvious question could Rodgers start this week for New York? The answer is a resounding and obvious no for a player that shouldn't be attempting to comeback at all.

Rodgers is great at grabbing headlines but when you look at the comments made by the head coach and quarterback this past week a return isn't terribly close. Aaron has a 21-day window to be activated once the veteran started practicing. If the team doesn't activate their quarterback in that timeframe Rodgers will be done for the year. If you're a Jets fan that is the best outcome for this season.

Yes, we get it Aaron your outside the box approach has you recovering much faster than expected. In all seriousness this is impressive and great for the league considering we've lost a lot of the top quarterbacks over the last three years. Rodgers returning is great for the league and great for the Jets.

What wouldn't be, however, is old Aaron Rodgers stepping behind a terrible offensive line not fully recovered with the Jets out of the playoffs. Aaron would be wise to let Tim Boyle finish out the year. Allow your veteran to fully focus on next season and get his body healthy.

This is a pivotal off-season for the Bills and Patriots leaving your division wide open this off-season. Aaron's best move is to make the smart decision and sit out the rest of the season allowing the team to patch their leaky offensive line this off-season.

For the Falcons, this means the team will be facing Tim Boyle and a struggling Jets offense. The best highlight for Tim Boyle and this offense last week was a desperation heave at the end of the half that was returned all the way with the defender putting Boyle in the blender on his way by. This is a bad offense and a struggling team. Any team that loses to Boyle the rest of the way should consider their head coach on the hot seat. That is how bad Boyle and this offense has been.