Could Justin Jefferson follow Kirk Cousins to Atlanta?

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons are expected to sign veteran quarterback Kirk Cousins when the new league year officially opens on Wednesday. The move comes as no surprise when you consider their draft positioning and the lack of options left in free agency or the trade market.

Cousins will join a team that will give the veteran Drake London, Kyle Pitts, Bijan Robinson, and Tyler Allgeier as his primary weapons. It is clear that the team will need to add more talent both at receiver and depth at tight end.

This leads to the question could the Falcons entertain a deal attempting to land Kirk's primary target from the Vikings? Justin Jefferson is an elite talent in this league and is unlikely to want to stay on what is now a losing team.

Barring a trade up for a quarterback who is going to take over that gives you a chance against the Lions or the Packers? Jefferson would be wise to ask for a trade, if that happens Atlanta should absolutely consider making the move. However, due to the contract situation would be unlikely to get in a bidding war for the receiver to only have to turn around and pay him.

Drake London as your second-best receiver would speak to incredible depth and give you talent you haven't had on this roster since the 2016 playoff run.

Despite this, we have seen recent playoff success for teams that rely on paying their quarterback and adding a mix of cheap options at receiver. Paying for both Cousins and Jefferson is an exciting thought when it comes to on-the-field production.

However, if the Vikings manage to let Cousins and Jefferson both leave it is unlikely the Falcons are willing to pay for both players and still be able to build anything close to a complete roster.

Atlanta's path to fixing their issues at receiver is likely in the draft as well as signing cheap veteran depth deals. Justin Jefferson is an elite talent and a name to keep an eye on now that Kirk Cousins has left Minnesota.