Could the Atlanta Falcons convince Calais Campbell to return?

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Is there any chance the Atlanta Falcons can convince Calais Campbell to return for the 2024 season? The 2023 season was obviously rough on the veteran who continued to defend his team and speak positive words even as the season fell apart. It was clear that the veteran felt the losing and was doing everything within his power to change the course of the season.

That showed up in his level of play even with Grady Jarrett out of the lineup and David Onyemata dealing with injuries. Campbell played at an impressive level without factoring in the veteran's age.

Atlanta should be making bringing back Campbell one of the team's highest priorities. The issues are obvious with Calais likely considering retirement at this stage of his career. If Calais were to opt to return it is also doubtful Atlanta would be at the top of his list.

Why return to the Falcons when you could likely pick your landing spot and chase a ring? Campbell could look to return to Baltimore to help improve their defensive depth or land with the Chiefs to help Chris Jones or Patrick Mahomes.

Campbell finished the 2023 season with 6.5 sacks and 17 quarterback hits. These numbers don't fully do justice to the impact that Campbell had due to the attention that he demanded. Opposing teams were well aware of Atlanta's lack of exterior pass rushers and put their focus on stopping the bigger bodies along the defensive line.

Atlanta would have far more flexibility on defense as well and another leader to help guide their first-round pick. The Falcons are expected to draft a pass rusher and having Calais Campbell, Grady Jarrett, and David Onyemata as veteran leaders to help would be ideal.

Considering how his time with the team ended it is likely a long shot to get the veteran to return to Atlanta. However, the Falcons should continue to attempt to make the move knowing the impact and leadership that he brings.