Could the Atlanta Falcons still target a quarterback in round one?

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From the way the Atlanta Falcons have approached and talked about the position this offseaosn it is clear they will draft a third quarterback for this roster. Taking a quarterback to sit behind Kirk Cousins and Taylor Heinicke is a wise decision.

Not only does it give you an emergency option if Cousins were to deal with an injury but a chance at finding your future answer. The way the Falcons are handling the position shows an understanding that Cousins is a short answer.

Even if by some miracle the veteran doesn't age and spends all four years in Atlanta playing at a high level you need an answer soon. The more likely scenario is that the Falcons choose to move off the contract in year three or four. Kirk's level of play will determine how soon the team chooses to move on.

However, it is safe to assume he is the starter the next two seasons with the first real escape from the contract coming in year three. This leaves drafting a rookie starter on the table each of the next two seasons.

With this in mind, could the Falcons still opt to take a quarterback in the first round? Whether it is trading up for Drake Maye or J.J. McCarthy or taking Michael Penix Jr. it is an interesting question. One that is answered by how the Falcons have handled themselves this offseason.

Signing Kirk Cousins and adding veteran pieces speaks to the franchise making a push to win now. That can include adding a rookie quarterabck. We saw this strategy work out for the Green Bay Packers with Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love.

However, the Falcons have far too big of a hole on the roster to consider taking this risk. You have three edge rushers with arguments to go in the top ten and the Falcons are desperate at the position.

In a passing league you cannot take a player that is going to sit on the bench in favor of a position you so badly need. While quarterback should be an option anytime after the first round this franchise cannot afford to ignore the edge position any longer.

Drafting a quarterback in round one would be a mistake and leave the Falcons hoping they find a starter in the 2nd or 3rd round for a position that continues to increase in importance. This isn't the offseason to make the risky move.