Could the Atlanta Falcons target Kyler Murray this offseason?

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The Atlanta Falcons have cast a wide net when it comes to their search for the next head coach. The same should be expected at the quarterback position. From the draft to the trade market and free agents, the Falcons are going to explore all options. One speculated name that could be brought up is Kyler Murray.

After bursting onto the scene with the Cardinals early on Murray has struggled with injuries and to live up to expectations. Part of the problem is the team they have built around him while some is just poor injury luck and unfair expectations.

While it appears that the Cardinals will move forward with Murray as their starter they will still face speculation this offseason. With a top pick, they could look to move up or to land Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels. Arizona is in an interesting position leading to the question could Murray be a fit in Atlanta?

As a player and a possible upgrade the obvious answer is yes, that is until you look a bit deeper at the current situation. First, you have the fact that the Cardinals are very unlikely to trade the quarterback which leads us to the why.

Murray is coming off of a serious injury and has five-years left on his contract with an unreasonable cap hit and base salary. Simply put the Falcons cannot build a winning roster with Kyler Murray as their quarterback.

They could sign Kirk Cousins or trade for Justin Fields for a far cheaper price and get either the same or a better level of production. While Murray might be talked about during the course of the offseason he can never be a serious option for the Falcons. His level of play doesn't demand his current contract and adding it would limit Atlanta's ability to put the needed pieces around him.

This is the situation the Cardinals now find themselves in and Atlanta cannot fix this problem for Arizona. Kyler Murray is an exciting young player one whose agent has done a very fine job and pushed the quarterback out of consideration for Atlanta.