Could Tom Brady be an emergency option for the Atlanta Falcons?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Tom Brady is making headlines this week only one year after retiring from the game. The former NFL quarterback had some interesting comments when prodded about whether he would make a return to the league. Brady mentioned Michael Jordan's tenure with the Wizards suggesting he would make one last run if the opportunity presented itself.

Among the teams mentioned were the Raiders and Patriots both teams without a quarterback and far from contention. This leads to the obvious question if a star quarterback goes down should Tom Brady be their first call?

For Atlanta, the answer should undoubtedly be yes. It is hard to argue if the Falcons are in playoff contention and Cousins were to go down against attempting to add Tom Brady. Brady is already familiar with the division and would have to be better than Taylor Heinicke or a rookie quarterback.

While the comment could simply be a retired player looking to make waves they are extremely interesting. It presents a storybook opportunity for a quarterback whose stories have always been to Atlanta's detriment.

Whether it was rolling into the NFC South and adding to their misery or in the infamous Super Bowl comeback with the Patriots. Atlanta has a long list of reasons to be annoyed by Tom Brady and unexcited about a potential comeback to the league.

However, if by chance it was the Falcons that found themselves down a quarterback they should absolutely pick up the phone. The last time we saw Brady on the field without a running game the quarterback managed 4,694-passing yards, 25-touchdowns, and only 9-interceptions.

Numbers Atlanta would happily accept in such a hypothetical scenario. With Kirk Cousins coming off of a serious injury for the first time in his career it isn't off the table such a situation presents itself.

It seems from the way that Brady talked about a potential return that it would only be on the table for a team in contention with a quarterback injury. That seems less like Jordan's Wizards and more like the quarterback looking for the perfect chance to steal a ring.

With Atlanta's weapons in a weak NFC, it isn't out of the question they could make a surprise run though it is a long shot. Other teams to watch that could be in contention with a history of quarterback injuries are the Eagles, Jets, Dolphins, and Bucs.

Brady returning to the NFL so soon after retiring shouldn't be at shocking if it happens. The quarterback has been an outlier in everything else in his career why not unretire yet again?