Davante Adams is the exact player the Atlanta Falcons need

The biggest issue the Atlanta Falcons' receivers have had this season is creating separation which is why Davante Adams is a player they must pursue aggressively
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One of the biggest weaknesses of the offense for the Atlanta Falcons is creating separation from defenders. The Falcons don't have anyone who excels in route running and it has made Desmond Ridder's job significantly harder.

The offense needs someone who can put distance between them and the defender. There is no better player when it comes to doing that than Davante Adams. Adams has been seen as an acquirable piece for teams and the Falcons need to do what they can to bring in the veteran receiver.

Davante Adams could turn the Atlanta Falcons' offense around immediately

The Atlanta Falcons passing game feels like contested catch after contested catch. While Drake London is an extremely talented player, he isn't known for his ability to cut on a dime. And Kyle Pitts is clearly not healthy quite yet which has resulted in him running curved routes.

Separation has been a big issue for this offense and Davante Adams could fix it in a heartbeat.

Adams has been known as one of the best, if not the best route runners in the NFL for quite some time. He has an impeccable ability to make defenders look foolish and the Falcons could seriously use someone like that.

He would give the Falcons more skill-set balance. You have your jump-ball receiver in Drake London, you have the talented Kyle Pitts, you have a versatile tight end who can make things happen after the catch in Jonnu Smith, and then you would have Davante Adams who can get open.

It would cost a lot of assets to acquire the Raiders receiver who they acquired not too long ago. You would also have to commit a chunk of money to bring him in but if you think this would fix the offense then it would be worth it.


Adams needs to be a top target for the Falcons prior to the NFL trade deadline

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