Desmond Ridder pointing out the obvious about the Atlanta Falcons offense

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Seattle Mariners v Atlanta Braves / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback Desmond Ridder went on NFL Network to discuss the team and mentioned he believed Atlanta to be an explosive offense. This is a take that clearly isn't a leap when you consider the way the Falcons will play offense in the 2023 season.

Everything that Arthur Smith wants to accomplish on offense is going to be based on making the opposing defense focus on the run. This is obviously going to open up explosive plays when you have Kyle Pitts and Drake London facing coverage that is distracted by the punishing run game.

Add in Scotty Miller as an occasional deep option and this team is clearly going to have its share of big plays based on the consistent run game they will feature. Atlanta is a team that is going to punish you for 3-5 yards per play handing it to their trio of backs over and over until the defense has no choice but to pack the line opening up Atlanta's play-action game and what should be a number of big plays.

Plays that were already there before Atlanta went out and added Bijan Robinson, Scotty Miller, Matthew Bergeron, and Mack Hollins. The difference last season was a quarterback in Marcus Mariota that was hopeless at taking advantage of defenses daring Atlanta to beat them by throwing the football.

Ridder just has to be capable of making basic throws for this team to consistently make big plays based on what will be a lethal rushing attack. Aside from the obvious take Ridder clearly showed poise and said all the things you want to hear from your starting quarterback.

Whether or not Ridder is a franchise option remains to be seen, however, it is clear Atlanta believes in Desmond and the second-year quarterback will have it as easy as any at his position in this Atlanta offense.