Desmond rollercoaster continues for the Atlanta Falcons in ugly loss

Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons dropped their third game this season losing to Washington 24-16 despite the defense continually giving the team a chance. It was Desmond Ridder who proved to be Washington's best player throwing three interceptions and missing on open plays failing to give his team a chance based on awful mistakes.

Regression from Desmond was hard to expect against a struggling secondary that was just lit up by Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears a week ago. Desmond had his best game as a pro and seemed to be rolling in the right direction.

However, that was far from the case with Desmond turning the ball over three times ending two comeback drives that started off well and forcing the ball to stare down his receivers. These are mistakes you cannot afford to have your quarterback making if you're serious about contending for a division title or a wildcard spot.

Arthur Smith's frustration with his quarterback was obvious and the Falcons head coach didn't bother to hide it. Hands on his head obviously frustrated with a quarterback that had caused his team to get a delay of game penalty and followed it up by throwing a pretty pass directly to a Washington defender.

Ridder can do so many things well but this game is a clear example of both extremes a quarterback capable of making all the throws just as he is capable of missing the easy ones. Perhaps the biggest concern isn't the picks but what is causing them with Ridder staring down his covered receivers and forcing the ball anyway.

Get out of the pocket and try to pick up what you can or go to your next read is what any high school quarterback has preached. As an NFL quarterback who proved both early in this game and last week capable of making all the needed NFL throws it's time for Arthur Smith and the Atlanta Falcons to consider making a change.