Despite win Atlanta Falcons still need a change at head coach

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Despite the Atlanta Falcons currently holding the 4th seed in the NFC playoff race, it is clear changes are needed at the head coach position. The Falcons beat the Saints but the issues that have put Arthur Smith on the hot seat were on full display. Whether it was running a key 4th down play with not enough blockers on the right side, or opting to throw the ball when the run game was rolling Smith's issues continued to be on full display.

Yes, this week is for celebrating Atlanta's win over our hated rival. However, don't let it get lost that the Atlanta Falcons head coach still made key mistakes that could have cost his team the game. Arthur Smith was brought to Atlanta due to the offense he ran with the Titans.

An offense that hasn't translated for the Falcons and has seemingly gotten worse since the head coach has taken over. Smith refuses to learn from his mistakes or make clear adjustments for the offense to find a level of success.

While Smith is likely going to finish out the season barring a Super Bowl run it should be his last in Atlanta. There are no excuses for the Falcons' inability to use their weapons consistently. Smith's offense never has enough depth at receiver and still opts to use lesser weapons over his star players.

Whether it is this or simply trying to outthink the room, Smith's brand of offense isn't working. Atlanta would be wise to bring in an offensive head coach and retain Ryan Nielsen as the DC. Regardless of how it works out by the end of the season, the Falcons need to be in the market both for a head coach and a new quarterback. The Atlanta Falcons now have the cap space and talent, they simply need a leader capable of using that talent moving into 2024.