Did the Atlanta Falcons just create their own quarterback controversy?

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The Atlanta Falcons unwittingly drafting themselves into a quarterback controversy may not be the plan but it is exactly what the team has set up. Drafting Michael Penix Jr. 8th overall after signing Kirk Cousins to a 4-year deal paying top dollar is a choice.

Some would argue that it is borderline franchise malpractice when you lack a capable edge rusher or enough weapons for your current quarterback. However, the Falcons seem convinced that a succession plan was needed.

Perhaps two seasons of watching Desmond Ridder and Marcus Mariota truly broke this Atlanta front office. Not content with adding one capable quarterback they believed they needed another option behind the veteran.

For a fully stocked and playoff proven roster this makes a level of sense. However, the Falcons made this move before Kirk Cousins had ever taken a snap for the Falcons. This means the first bad game or poor finish you can bet the coaching staff and players will be taking questions about Michael Penix Jr.

If the Falcons hadn't locked themselves into at least two years of starting Kirk this would still make a level of sense for the team. A four-year deal for the quarterback cannot be moved on for at least two seasons. This means you're going to waste at a bare minimum two years of Micheal's deal.

If the cost of this was simply a day-two pick the argument can be made that it is worth it. However, the contract, timetable, and expectations for a quarterback drafted inside the top-ten are completely different.

The Falcons opted to make this move instead of adding a player who would have a chance to make an instant impact. Leaving Verse, Latu, and Turner all on the board in favor of a player that you hope never sees the field in year one.

Atlanta's decision is concerning and shows a lack of understanding of the timetable they just put themselves on with Kirk Cousins.