Did the Patriots' owner save the Atlanta Falcons offseason?

New England Patriots Press Conference
New England Patriots Press Conference / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The story of the early offseason was the Atlanta Falcons had landed their coach of the future in Bill Belichick. The majority of fans were overjoyed when this didn't work out and Raheem Morris was brought back home to Atlanta.

What could Bill offer this franchise at this point in his career? Look at his decision-making in the last two seasons compared to Terry Fontenot when it comes to roster building. Aside from the roster building look at the quarterback position and the offensive management without Tom Brady.

Unless Brady was coming with Belichick it was always a failed idea. Raheem Morris brings an energy and fresh perspective that this roster badly needed. We were perhaps given a little more insight into why the Falcons changed course with the Patriots owner perhaps helping Atlanta.

If Arthur Blank and the Falcons front office did receive a warning call from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft it is an odd development. It speaks to just how damaged the relationship between Kraft and his former head coach had become. It also suggests that in the Brady vs. Belichick argument it appears this is Kraft's answer.

No matter the reasoning behind it the Falcons fanbase owes Robert Kraft a thank you. They were spared from having to watch a Belichick-led team with a familiar cast of coaches and roster building that would result in another frustrating season.

One could argue that Kraft does owe the franchise after Atlanta gifted the Patriots a Super Bowl in 2016. Perhaps this is Kraft returning the favor and sparing the Falcons from another lost coaching tenure.

This speaks to a league that has passed Belichick by and why it was so important for Atlanta to bring in someone like Raheem Morris. Not another coach who is going to allow his own ego to get in the way of making the right decision.

No matter how they got there Atlanta made the right decision landing Raheem Morris and moving on from Bill Belichick.