Did the Saints' fake play disrespect Arthur Smith and the Atlanta Falcons?

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

Sunday's Atlanta Falcons loss to the Saints was ended in perfect fashion for the Falcons. As New Orleans put the finishing touches on a 48-17 blowout win the team opted to fake running the clock out. Pretending to take a knee, the Saints opted to run it into the endzone and run up the score on Smith's Falcons.

Predictably for a coach that was coaching for his job this didn't go over very well. You can see below Smith's reaction when he went to meet Dennis Allen in the middle of the field.

While this reaction is likely fueled by the anger of how this season has gone, it is more than fair to be upset. The Saints had control of this game and signaled they were content with the win, pretending to take a knee and end the game. If they wanted to run up the score and run a play there should be zero complaints from Arthur Smith.

If you don't like what is happening on the field find a way to stop them. Opting to fake taking a knee is simply rubbing it in for a coach and team that has already had a tough season. It is the type of move that Atlanta fans expect from the Saints.

There was 1:13 remaining on the clock and the Saints were in firm control of the game. The Falcons showed no signs of wanting to get the ball back or to do anything but go into the locker room taking another rough lost in a must-win situation.

Arthur Smith is completely in the right in this situation voicing his frustration at what was a disrespectful play. If the Saints wanted to run up the score line up and run the ball one yard into the endzone with both teams expecting a play.

Opting to run a fake knee when you're in complete control of the game against a coach and team that knows they are going home is in poor taste. If you want to run up the score have the confidence to stand behind the decision and keep running plays. Deciding to run a fake knee with the season over is a disrespectful decision and one that won't be forgotten by Atlanta Falcons fans.