Divisional rival Panthers working out former Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowl LB

Deion Jones dropped off a cliff for the Atlanta Falcons and was subsequently traded. He has been a free agent but could now get another opportunity as he is working out with one of the Atlanta Falcons division rival.
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Deion Jones was a spectacular player for the Atlanta Falcons. As a rookie in 2016, Debo helped his team make the Super Bowl. He went on to become one of the best linebackers in the NFL but his play on the field ended up dropping off a cliff and ultimately became a free agent this offseason.

Jones had been quiet this offseason which had been surprising considering his pedigree and talent. But now he will be working out for another NFC South team with the Carolina Panthers.

Former Falcons LB Deion Jones working out with the Carolina Panthers

The Atlanta Falcons know what kind of player Deion Jones can be. However, it is doubtful that Deion can return to his Pro Bowl form, nevertheless, the Carolina Panthers could be taking a chance on him as they are bringing him in for a workout.

This is painful to see and hear. While Debo had a rough last two years with the Falcons, it doesn't take away from what he had done on the field.

If the Panthers do end up signing him then it won't be long before he makes his return to Atlanta. The Falcons ultimately traded Deion Jones last year to the Cleveland Browns but it happened after the two teams played.

One thing to keep an eye on is the record that Debo is close to breaking. He is one pick-six away from tying the record for most pick-sixes at the linebacker position in NFL history.

It would be awesome to see him tie the record but ideally it would be with another team. If he does sign in Carolina then hopefully he doesn't do it in week one and does it in a game where the Panthers are being blown out.