Do the Falcons have the best running back duo in the NFL?

With a former 1,000-yard rusher in Tyler Allgeier and a generational talent in Bijan Robinson, do the Atlanta Falcons have the best RB duo in the entire league?

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Nearly a decade ago, the Atlanta Falcons were blessed with the best running back duo of their time with Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. The two studs were key cogs in one of the best offensive seasons in NFL history.

Now, the Falcons have their rookie rushing champ in Tyler Allgeier and an incredibly gifted weapon in Bijan Robinson. Does this pair create the best the league has to offer? Let's start by looking at their competition.

Six teams' RB depth chart stick out: the Browns, Steelers, Packers, Lions, 49ers, and Dolphins.

The Browns duo consists of the breakout star Jerome Ford and one of the league's best Nick Chubb. Chubb is recovering from a gruesome injury and the sad news is that he may never be the same player. Right now, the Falcons prosper here.

Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren are two of the best complementary backs. Harris is the thunder while Warren is the lightning. Those two had more production than the two Falcons last year and now are in a good Arthur Smith running scheme. Steelers win this one based on production.

The Packers have the bowling ball A.J. Dillon and the newcomer Josh Jacobs. What will they look like together? Things will go well but their previous duo was better. The Falcons win this one.

The Lions have a similar setup to the Falcons; a bruiser in David Montgomery and a second-year talent in Jahmyr Gibbs. Montgomery went over 1,000 yards, Gibbs nearly hit the mark, and both had double-digit touchdowns. While the Lions take the cake here, their situation was head and shoulders over the Falcons'.

The 49ers are headlined by Christian McCaffrey, the league's best running back. McCaffrey gets all the action while the backup, Elijah Mitchell, will occasionally play. Bijan isn't McCaffrey—at least, yet—which makes this one tough. Since we are going off of duos and not just one player, we have to go with the Falcons since they have the more productive second option. I want to emphasize that again, this is based on pairings, not one player.

Finally, we have the Dolphins' speedy backfield in Raheem Mostert and De'Von Achane. Both guys are home-run threats in an offensive system that almost hits home runs like the 2023 Braves. Mostert had 18 touchdowns and broke 1,000 yards while Achane had 800 yards and eight touchdowns

despite missing several games. I will say that the Dolphins pair wins here but I would prefer to have the blend of burst and power that currently exists in Atlanta.

While they aren't right now, Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier can easily become the best running back duo in 2024

To sum it up, the Atlanta Falcons' backfield of Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier is the fourth-best duo. The Steelers' Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren, the Lions' David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs, and the Dolphins' Raheem Mostert and De'Von Achane are the three duos that hold the advantage.

With all of this being said, now that Bijan Robinson will have a year under his belt and the Falcons will finally have a good passing attack, the efficiency will be through the roof for the backfield.

You cannot deny that Kirk Cousins and a new receiver group will help the thunder and lightning in the backfield put up even bigger numbers, particularly touchdown numbers. If we are going to make predictions for who will have the best duo in 2024 then it is the Falcons.