Does Kirk Cousins make sense for the Atlanta Falcons?

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Tost by Tostitos / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons continue to have quarterback rumors swirling around the franchise. This week alone there have already been two quarterbacks that were suggested to be the decided answer in Justin Fields and Kirk Cousins.

This leads to the obvious question should the Falcons consider signing Cousins coming off of a serious injury? Cousins was out for a large portion of the 2023 season and is in his mid-thirties likely nearing the end of his prime.

However, the Falcons still shouldn't hesitate to sign the veteran if they believe he is their best option moving forward. As boring as it might be signing Kirk Cousins is the safest quarterback move that will be made this offseason.

Cousins is the most reliable quarterback on the market and would put the Falcons into the playoffs. The only argument against this is if you believe one of the quarterbacks Atlanta can land has a ceiling as a top-five player at his position.

If this isn't the case, however, the Falcons would be wise to sign Cousins and focus on building a roster to win right now. In a weak NFC, how many quarterbacks are going to rank ahead of Kirk with Atlanta's weapons?

Kirk Cousins is the boring move that seemingly no one wants to happen in Atlanta. Despite this, it is the clearest move that puts the Falcons into the playoffs and gives them a predictable standard at the most important position on the field.

The obvious downside of this move is the fact you are going to have to use a large portion of your cap space to land the veteran. If you sign Kirk Cousins you lose the ability to spend big in free agency and will look to the draft and bargain moves to improve an already solid roster.

That is the only logical argument against adding a veteran quarterback that would look like Tom Brady in comparison to what Falcons fans have seen at the position the last two seasons. Signing Kirk isn't the only answer but it is a good one that would push the Falcons into the playoffs.